Wire Mesh Partitions and Cages

Standard Wire & Steel Works is a leading manufacturer of wire mesh partitions and cages.  Our panels can be used as single wall partitions, or can be configured into cages and enclosures.  The partitions and cages are used for securely enclosing areas and storing items in a fully visible and ventilated environment.

Our partitions and cages are commonly used for:

  • Data center area partitioning
  • Warehouse inventory storage
  • Room dividers
  • DEA drug storage
  • Holding cells
  • Evidence storage
  • Airport stairway enclosures
  • School equipment storage
  • Maintenance equipment storage
  • Storage lockers
  • Tool cribs
  • Secured enclosures 

Our reputed wire mesh panels used for partitions and cages are:

  • Fabricated from 10 gauge (Standard Type #135) or 6 gauge (Standard Type #192) wire
  • Crimped and woven into various size diamond, square, or rectangular mesh
  • Welded into a solid frame with mortised corners and mountable with hardware
  • Available in any size up to 5’ wide and up to10’ tall, and designed to be securely affixed to other panels for any height or configuration 
  • Available with doors, ceilings, service windows, floors, and security access
  • Easily extendable given the modular panel design 
  • See Our Wire Specifications for additional details


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