Heavy Duty Type 192

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Size Group “S”

This group covers single panel partitions ranging inn height from 7’-0” to 12’-0”. Floor and/or ceiling bracing can be installed for added reinforcement where required.


  • Wire mesh partition shall be Standard Wire & Steel Works, type No. 192 size group S.
  • 6 gauge (.192) steel wire, woven into 2” diamond mesh, with wire securely cinched to framing.
  • Wire shall be woven through a horizontal 1” x 3/4” x 12 Ga. channel bar at 3’-5” from bottom of partition.
  • Frames 1 1/2” x ¾” x 12 “Cchannel mortised and tenoned at intersections
  • Top capping bar 3”-4.1 lbs. hot rolled channel with ¼” “U” bolts approximately 18” o.c.
  • Corner post 1 3/4” x 1 ¾” x 1/8” angle.
  • Cast iron floor shoes 2 ½” high with set screw adjustment.
  • Door frames 1 1/2'” x 3/4” x 12 Ga. channel with 1 1/2” x 1/8” cover plate on four sides.
  • Sliding doors to have: Two, 4-wheel ballbearing trucks hung in enclosed box track; steel door strike keeper; bottom guide channel.
  • Hinged doors to have 1 ½ pair fast pin butts; continuous 1/8” thick strike.\
  • 3” sweep space under all panels and doors
  • Aluminum cylinder mortise type locks with cylinders individually keyed, keyed alike, or master keyed to building system. All locks to have recessed knob on inside (bronze cylinder mortise type locks can be special ordered).
  • All hardware necessary for proper installation to be furnished.
  • Finish: Gray Powder Coat (or specify any other color if desired).

Size Group “D”

This group covers partitions with upper and lower panels for heights in excess of 10’-0’ usually extending from floor to overhead. Flat mullion bars are installed for vertical reinforcement between panels. “B” thru “N” same as for Size Group S., plus the following:


  • Wire mesh partitions shall be standard Wire & Steel Works type 192, Size Group D
  • Mullion bars between all panels to be 5/16 x 2” flat.

Sheet Bases

Specifications for 192 Size Group (S or D) remain the same, plus the following:


  • For type of wire mesh partition add sheet base after size group.
  • 16 gauge steel sheet formed 4 sides and welded in lower 3’-5”” portion of panel.