Standard Wire & Steel Works was established in 1895 by a small family based in Chicago. The business then was manufacturing wire mesh partitions out of a Chicago plant, and focused on the local needs of the product. From the start, Standard Wire & Steel Works built a strong product and earned a strong reputation as a reliable wire mesh manufacturer. Almost 90 years later in 1983, the family was ready to move on. At the same time, a set of partners working in the field were ready to expand their own roles and impact on the industry. They purchased Standard Wire & Steel Works with the goal to carry forward and build on the strong products and reputation already in place.

The new owners quickly started their endeavor by moving the business to Harvey, IL for more space in order to expand the business beyond Chicago, and beyond wire mesh partitions. They soon were supporting government and private projects nationwide with wire mesh partitions, storage lockers, window guards, and a few other related products. By 1994, the business had outgrown the space in Harvey, so the owners moved their operations to South Holland, IL, where the business still resides. Today, Standard Wire & Steel Works continues to provide a variety of wire mesh products for the military, government facilities, data centers, and many other commercial sites. We take pride in the quality of our product, and the resulting relationships we have built with the many contractors and end users we have worked with. A high percentage of our business comes from existing customers and we attribute that to our reliability, professionalism, and our efforts in making the end to end process as smooth as possible.


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