Data Centers

With the growth in data and technology, organizations are expanding their usage of data centers and networking facilities. These facilities are commonly shared across divisions of an organization, or across organizations, so room dividers and area enclosures within the data centers are commonly required. Our wire mesh partitions and enclosures provide high security while also providing full ventilation and utilization of the surrounding lighting, HVAC and fire protection.

We commonly manufacture wire mesh for:

  • Separating and securing servers and network equipment
  • University data centers partitions and area enclosures
  • Co-location facilities partitions and area enclosures
  • Telecommunications hubs partitions and area enclosures
  • Web hosting partitions and area enclosures
  • We fabricate partitions and enclosures of various sizes and heights while maintaining top levels of security and sturdiness. Partitions and enclosures can be made with doors, ceilings, service windows, floors and security access.

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